Curriculum and Class Schedule


Creative Dance/Basic Ballet
Creative Dance is offered to children age’s 3-4 years of age. It is focused on the beginning movements of dance, incorporating locomotor steps, rhythm, directions, and articulation. Basic Ballet is taught to children 5-7 years in age. It includes the essential elements of pre-ballet focusing on alignment, rhythm, locomotor steps, and folk dance. Both of these levels are taught once a week.

Classical Ballet
A style of ballet based on precise conventional steps performed with graceful and flowing movements. The traditional style of ballet, which stresses the academic technique developed through the centuries of the existence of ballet. Classical Ballet is taught to children ages 8 and up in various levels. Classes are held twice weekly for one hour in levels 1-3. In level 4A, classes are held twice weekly with an additional class focused on pre-pointe work. In level 4B, students who are deemed able to perform by the faculty at ABA, students will begin pointe work (not required). The Advanced levels will have class 4-5 times a week for an hour and a half. There will be seperate classes held for variations.

Dancing en pointe is the action of rising to ‘tips of the toes’ whilst performing steps from ballet technique. Also known as pointe work, it is mostly performed using hard toed pointe shoes. Dancing en pointe requires considerable strength and skill and is central part of a ballerina’s training and repertory.

Pas de Deux (Partnering)  Advanced Ballet Partnering class covers pas de deux basics in supported turns, lifts, and couple ensembles. Classes are designed primarily to build students core strength and confidence while manipulating, lifting and supporting each other in a kinetic relationship. Classical as well as improvisational material will be presented thus introducing students to the challenges that come with sharing weight and gracefully dancing with others.

Character Dance  Character dance is based on traditional folk dances which have been stylized for the stage. The skills acquired in ballet complement the powerful effect of character dance. These ethnic dances are found in most 19th century ballets such as Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, and Coppelia. Examples of this form of dance include Czardas, Masurka, and Polonaise. Character dance is an integral part of classical ballet training.

Jazz is offered for students 7 years of age and up. In class students will work on different contemporary styles of jazz technique to build strength, flexibility, exactness, speed, fluidity, versatility, and musicality.

Hip-Hop is an easy going class focussing on urban movement and culture.   Hip-Hop is a relaxed, freestyle form of street dance that is set in a high-energy, fun, and fast paced environment. Dancers will incorporate their own personal rhythm with the latest dance moves.

Tap dance is a series of regulated and controlled rhythmical movements or ‘taps’ by the feet. Tap dance will help build a sense of rhythm and coordination.

Dance Conditioning / Pilates
Dance conditioning and Pilates Mat classes are available for students in Classical Ballet levels 3 and up, Jazz Dancers in Intermediate Levels and up, and for Adult students. Private sessions are available upon request. Dance conditioning and Pilates focus on building strength and flexibility without building bulk. Some of the first people to use pilates were legendary dancers Martha Graham and George Balachine. It utilizes a state of the art Reformer, theraband, and core exercises to achieve strength and flexibility. This class is for healthy students and is not intended for treatment of injuries or physical problems.

Modern Dance
Modern dance technique is designed to develop the mind, body and spirit to be an expressive communicator through movement. Structured technical exercises that condition the body for strength, coordination and flexibility are learned. The development of improvisation and self expression is a goal. Movements occur which focuses on the aspects of space, time, shape, and dynamics.

Lyrical   Lyrical Dance is a dance style that combines elements of ballet, jazz, and modern. It’s usually done in bare feet or bare claws. It aims to interpret the accompanying music in an emotionally expressive way.